Davao Doctors College through the Academic Support Services (ASS) Department held its annual Parents Orientation for the SY 2009-2010 on Saturday, June 6, 2009 at the DDC Gym.

The program began with the welcome speech of Dr. Rizalina M. Pańgan, President and CEO of the college. Inspired by Randy Pausch's Last Lecture, she emphasized the importance of celebrating the dreams we all strive to make realities. She further urged the parents to become partners with the school in achieving the dreams of their children through DDC education.

Other speakers and presenters were Dr. Linell G. Malimbag, Dean of the College of Nursing; Dr. Loyette P. Uy, Dean of the College of Allied Health Sciences, and Dr. Maria Teresa M. Gravino, Dean of the College of Arts, Sciences, Business and Education. Each one discussed the school's policies and regulations particularly implemented by their respective colleges. They didn’t forget to thank all the parents for their great support. Mr. Romel L. Tambis, Head of the Student Personnel Services shared the benefits, privileges, and institutional activities enjoyed by all students enrolled in DDC. Campus Life was articulately shared by Romeo Urgel Jr., a BSN student in his fourth year.

At the start of the activity and right after the open forum, some parents and students had the opportunity to meet the program chairs to discuss the degree program and other related matters. Some took the chance and enjoyed their campus tour.

For Freshmen and other new students, the orientation was a prelude to a more comprehensive students orientation, which was a week after classes have started (June 23-26, 2009).

Lily B. Babayen-on, DM