The College of Nursing offers a four-year competency-based Bachelor-based Bachelor of Science in Nursing program currently with two (2) curricula:
  1. CHED CMO#14 series of 2009 effective June 2008
  2. CHED CMO#30 series of 2001 (Revised)

The program had been granted Level III accreditation by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities-Commission on Accreditation (PACU-COA) until 2013.

A strong instructional program is implemented by 158 academically qualified Clinical Instructors with masters degree in nursing (MAN/MSN/MN). A three-storey state-of-the-art, fully air-conditioned, LCD equipped Fundamental Skills Laboratory (FSL) and Lecture-Demonstration Rooms prepares the student nurse for clinical exposure.

The Related Learning Experience (RLE) of the student are done primarily at Davao Doctors Hospital, a private, tertiary, ISO certified base hospital and backed up by more hospitals and clinics as affiliation agencies.

Students life is balanced with academic and co-curricular activities and community outreach services emphasizing the core values of caring in nursing through volunteerism and involvement in different campus organizations, government and non-government activities such as Walk-for-a Cause for AIDS, Walk-for-a Cause for Breast Cancer, Down Syndromes, Free Clinics to name a few. Leadership skills and teamwork concepts are further honed through the Philippine Nursing Student Association (PNSA), the official College of Nursing student organization.

Topnotchers of the Philippine Nurses Licensure Examination (PNLE):
December, 2010 7th Sareno, Nonah Vee C.
November, 2008 8th Banting, Jamaicca R.
December, 2007 7th  Mendez, Cristine V.
December, 2006 8th Inong, Eileen Marie V.
December, 2005 7th Fernando Jr., Cesar D.
December, 2003 12th  Molina, Lennie S.
  18th Bobadilla, Catherine Jan T.
  20th Polancos, Mae L.
December, 2002 18th  Bosquit, Linda Mae I.
December, 2000 8th Tuazon, Karen Fatima F.
  16th Bacalaris, Brian S.
November, 1997 10th Magno, Aster May O.
November, 1996 11th Ramirez, Antonio Pablo B.
  13th Millan, Michelle V.
  15th Collantes, Jennifer S.
  16th Dela Cuesta, Lourna M.
  16th Entero, Maria Teresa B.
  19th Saavedra, Charina B.
  20th Jamison, Arlyne E.
  20th Nacito, Grace R.
  20th Orcullo, Jasmin P.
  20th Rances, Chyryl Q.
November, 1995 17th Escudero, Melody T.
  18th Buenviaje, Kathleen A.
  19th Montaos, Herminio P.
  20th Baroma, Elenita M.
  20th  Galo, Andrew R.
  20th Quiñones, Jennie G. 
May, 1995 10th Cajigas, Pamela Faith T.
  15th Pasaporte, Maria Divina Y.
  18th Balasi, Rejaimah T.
  20th  Lumayno, Sueanne J.
  20th Olivar, Jasn M.