Research Vision - A scientifically and technologically-based research system of Davao Doctors college that addresses the search for truth, excellence and well-being; upholds responsibility, freedom and justice towards an improved environment and respect for human dignity in the Philippines and the global community.
Research Mission - To establish and maintain a research and development framework that strengthens research manpower and generates updated and accurate information about potential human and material resources towards development in Mindanao, in the country and in the global community.
    • Promote basic and applied researches that address the UN Millenium goals
    • Provide strong data base for the college
    • Identify basic research issues in the college and formulate responsive researches for policy formulation and implementation
    • Conduct action research for school development
    • Encourage researches that address institutional concerns with special emphasis on health, environment, culture, instruction, community extension, support for students and management of school resources
Research Agenda
  1. Education
  2. Health and Natural Resources
  3. Environment and Society
  4. UN Millenium Goals
Collaborative and Funded Research: UP CHED-ZRC
  1. Birds of Malagos, Davao City, Philippines- DDC
  2. Sea Star Biodiversity in Davao Gulf, Davao City, Philippines-DDC
  3. Reforestation Project in Macopa, Bukidnon and Cotabato
  1. Research Advocacy - Science, Technology, Society and Environment  2010 - Dr. Bernadette I. del Rosario
  2. Platinum Award - Asian Journal of Diversity 2010 - Geonyzl L. Alviola & Dr. Bernadette I. del Rosario
  3. Outstanding Research Manager - Dr. Rizalina Mitra-Pangan
  1. PAIR - Philippine Association of Institutions in Researcher
  2. DACUN - Davao Colleges and Universities Network
  3. UP CHED ZRC – UP – CHED Zonal Research Center
  4. RHRDC XI - Regional Health Research Development Consortium Region X1
  5. REDTI - Research and Education
  6. DOST- Department of Science and Technology
  7. DOH- Department of Health
  8. other GOs and NGOs …. City Health, City Women's Desk , Tanikala , ZONTA