Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

Program Description

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship is a four-year course aimed to produce graduates with an attitude, mindset and personal competencies expected from an entrepreneur as an innovator and business owner. The main overreaching goals of the program are to: a) foster entrepreneurial behaviors, skills and mindsets; b) increase the number of start-ups; c) seek opportunities for the commercial application of creation, innovation and research; and d) inspire others towards entrepreneurship. This program is founded on partnerships and collaborations using project and team-focused pedagogies focused towards a relevant and real-world learning.

Graduates of this degree program possess the personal entrepreneurial competencies defined by global organizations to be opportunity seeking, persistent, with commitment to work contract, possess high standards of quality and efficiency, risk taker, goal seeking, information seeking, believe in systematic planning and monitoring, possess persuasive networking skills and self- confident.

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