DDC History


September 1975 marked the birth of the Davao Doctors College, Inc. then the Davao Doctors Hospital School of Nursing (DDHSN). DDHSN offered a 3-year Basic Course in Nursing leading to Graduate Nurse. The pioneering founders of DDC were: Dr. Augusto Abela, Sr., Dr. Juan Belisario, Jr., Dr. Rodrigo Casiño, Dr. Valeriana Castillo, Dr. Honorio dela Cruz, Dr. Jose Gantioqui, Jr., Dr. Luisito Guanlao, Dr. Honorio S. Hilario, Dr. Benigno Magpantay, Dr. Gerino Pañagan, Dr. Pacita San Vicente, Dr. Crisostomo Serrano, Sr., Dr. Leo Sicat, Dr. Amador Villanueva and Dr. Herminio A. Villano, Sr.

1979 – offered BS Nursing, BS Biology and Pre-Dentistry

1981 – DDHSN was officially named Davao Doctors College

1990 – offered BS Physical Therapy and BS Radiologic Technology

1994 – offered Doctor of Optometry

1998 – opened non-health related courses: BS Psychology, BS Hotel and Restaurant Management, BS Computer Science and AB Communication


2000 – start of accreditation by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities-Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA)

2001 – offered Bachelor of Elementary Education and Bachelor of Secondary Education

2009 – offered Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy

2009 – offered TESDA Accredited Courses

Current Status of Accredited Programs:

BS Nursing – Level IV Re-Accredited Status

BS Biology – Level III Re-Accredited Status

BS Radiologic Technology – Level III Accredited Status (First in the Philippines)

BS Hospitality Management – Level II Accredited Status

BS Physical Therapy – Level I Accredited Status

BS Psychology – Level I Accredited Status

Doctor of Optometry – Level I Accredited Status

From its modest beginnings, DDC has metamorphosed into a prestigious institution of learning. Today, DDC stands proud and remains steadfast in its quest for excellence.


The school of choice of future healthcare professionals.


To provide our clients with healthcare education of the highest order; our employees with a rewarding and fruitful working environment; our partners with mutually beneficial relationships; and, our stockholders with a viable and sustainable enterprise.


Davao Doctors College is anchored on the following values as its bedrock:
Liberty to learn. The exercise of academic freedom.The liberty to explore, to innovate, to advance the search for knowledge.
IIntegrity. Adherence to rules on acceptable conduct. Standing upright to uphold what is right.
Fortitude. Strength of character. Courage in the face of adversity.
Excellence. Performing to attain results of the highest order in everything we do.
DDC graduate is a healthcare professional who is dedicated, driven and competent.
    • Dedicated. Passionate about one’s work. Devoted to one’s duty
    • Driven. Motivated to excel. Willing to work beyond the call of duty.
    • Competent. Capable. Performs as expected.

Verse 1

We live in this world but once
Face whatever challenge we can
In every chance we learn and grow
Let’s make each day a worthy day

Verse 2

Oh, Dearest Alma Mater
Thou has led us through the years
We dedicate ourselves to thee
For thou has offered us the best


Davao Doctors College
To you, we pledge our loyalty
Davao Doctors College
Through you, we serve humanity
Beloved Alma Mater
Your memory live

Verse 3

Reach out our hands to those in need
To every man who’s weak and tired
Let’s show our love and share our time
And lead the way to unity


  • The DAVAO DOCTORS COLLEGE SEAL symbolizes the ideals and aspirations of the Davao Doctors College.

  • The LAUREL LEAVES represent the glory, honor, and prestige the members of the academe and the graduates bring to the institution.

  • The TORCH stands for the wisdom that illumines one’s path in the pursuit of truth, justice, peace and love.

  • The BOOK symbolizes equal opportunity and equal access to education.

  • The CADUCEUS symbolizes the school’s aspirations of catering to the wel-being of the people in the community through the health-related courses it offers.

  • The RINGS enclosing the name of the school and the year it was founded stand for the institution’s unyielding commitment to its vision, mission and core values.

  • The PHILOSOPHY of Davao Doctors College is capsulized by the phrase “Aestimamus vitam”, Latin for “We value life”. It is an affirmation of the school’s belief that life is valuable which is why it has devoted itself to healthcare and wellness education.

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