Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Laboratory Science (Medical Technology) is the branch of medicine concerned with the performance of laboratory test procedures and analysis used in the diagnosis, prognosis of disease, treatment and the maintenance of health.

Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science (BMLS) is a four-year program consisting of general education and professional courses. The fourth year level is the internship program of one (year) in a CHED-accredited training laboratory with rotational duties in different sections such as Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, Immunohematology (Blood Banking), Immunology and Serology, Urinalysis and Body Fluids (Clinical Microscopy), Parasitology, Histopathologic/ Cytologic Techniques and other emergent technologies.

A Medical Laboratory Scientist (Medical Technologist) performs microscopic and chemical analyzes on blood, and other body fluids in order to provide laboratory results for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of patients needed by the for the medical doctors.


The Department of Medical Laboratory Science (Medical Technology) professes to produce a world class community of highly equipped, mature, well-balanced and globally competitive Medical Laboratory Scientists (Medical Technologist) who will be actively involved in delivering quality health community services and health-related researches.


The Medical Laboratory Science (Medical Technology) Program of Davao Doctors College commits to provide academic excellence, professional responsibility, moral integrity and ethical standards; professional competency in the practice of clinical laboratory science field; and active participation in the health profession in community services and researches.


The Medical Laboratory Science (Medical Technology) Program of Davao Doctors College shall:

  1. Provide students a basic understanding on scientific concepts and principles of laboratory analyses and determinations;
  2. Provide training and supervision of the students in the clinical laboratory along with an academic program;
  3. Develop proper attitude of the students to make them scientifically and globally competitive to give full and adequate laboratory support and services and knowledgeable in the clinical professional practices of Hematology, Clinical Microscopy, Clinical Chemistry, Histopathology, Blood Banking, Serology, Immunology, Microbiology and Parasitology;
  4. Provide a learning experience and training for students on the various laboratory procedures, screening, analyses and measurements geared towards employing sound management practices and achieving overall excellence in laboratory performance;
  5. Provide practical experiences and trainings of students in dealing with clients and patients’ specimens to give them an awareness of responsibility and establish a sense of self-discipline, self-reliance and confidence so that upon graduation, they are prepared to take the Licensure examination and capable of being an effective member of the Medical Technology/ Medical Laboratory Science profession; and
  6. Ensure that students imbibe the Philosophy of the Medical Laboratory Science Program which is deeply integrated with Davao Doctors College’s Commitment of “Through Excellence, We Shall Lead”.


The goal of the Medical Laboratory Science Program (Medical Technology) is to produce Medical Laboratory Scientists (Medical Technologists) who are scientifically globally competitive to deliver the full spectrum of Laboratory Quality Services required in health care program. Specifically, the BMLS Program aims to:

  1. Develop the knowledge, skills, and professional attitude in the performance of

clinical laboratory procedures needed to help the physician in the proper diagnosis,

treatment, prognosis and prevention of diseases;

  1. Develop critical thinking skills in Medical Technology/ Medical Laboratory Science;
  2. Appreciate the need for research and community-related activities;
  3. Participate in activities related to promoting the profession and actively engage in

lifelong learning activities; and

  1. Develop collaborative and leadership qualities.


The Medical Technology/ Medical Laboratory Science graduates have the ability to:

  1. demonstrates technical competence in the performance of clinical laboratory tests in

aid of diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases vis-a-vis biosafety and waste management;

  1. demonstrate critical thinking skills in the workplace;
  2. contribute in the collection, analysis and projection of health information for

improving the health care management system;

  1. demonstrate entrepreneurship skills in areas related to Medical Technology/ Medical

Laboratory Science practice;

  1. demonstrate inter-personal skills, leadership qualities and ethical practice of the


  1. demonstrate research skills in relevant areas of Med Tech practice;
  2. engage in community-oriented activities;
  3. engage in lifelong learning activities;
  4. demonstrate effective communication skills.

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