Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

Program Description


Pharmacy offers a large array of opportunities for its Professionals— Pharmacists can become a/an…

1. Pharmacy Owner – Manage Your Own Pharmacy! Become an Entrepreneur.
2. Pharmacist Abroad! Pharmacy is an In-Demand Profession Here and in Other Countries. In the US, Pharmacy Profession is the Top-Paying Job for Women.
3. Manufacturer of Medicines that Formulates Drug Dosage Forms in Manufacturing Firms on a Large Scale.
4. Law Enforcer in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).
5. Academician/College Professor playing a Vital Role in Educating the Future Generation of Pharmacists.
6. Researcher/Scientist on Discovering New Drugs and/or Study Drugs that are Already in the Market.
7. Community Pharmacist that provides care to the Community by Dispensing Quality Medications and Providing Professional Help in Monitoring Hypertension, Diabetes, Weight Management, and other Chronic Illnesses.
8. Hospital Pharmacist that Provides Professional Advice on Best Choice of Medicines working with Doctors and Nurses.
9. Doctor of Medicine – BS Pharmacy is an Excellent Pre-Med Course that will Equip You Early for your Years in Medicine.


The Pharmacy Program of Davao Doctors College started in year 2014. Born in the College of Allied Health Sciences of DDC, home to the Top Notchers of the BS Radiologic Technology, Doctor of Optometry, BS Occupational Therapy, BS Nursing and BS Physical Therapy.

We have Air-Conditioned and Technology-Aided Classrooms for Conducive Learning and a WI-FI CAMPUS!

We are equipped with NEW and State-of-the-art Industry Simulated Laboratories that will Empower you to Acquire the Necessary Set of Skills to Maximize Your Potential as a Future Top Notcher in our Program!

We have a Pool of Accomplished Professionals Teaching our Students to Become an Excellent Pharmacist; our Faculty is Composed of Pharmacists that are Doctorate and Masters Degree Holder, Clinical Pharmacists, Medical Doctors, Plant Biologists, Chemists, and Medical Technologists. All in a Joint Effort to Provide the Best Education to our Students!

We Give the Best Opportunities to our Students by Providing only the BEST Affiliation Centers for their Profesison, DDC Pharmacy is affiliated with the centers in Davao City and Luzon. We are affiliated with the following Hospitals: Davao Doctors Hospital, Makati Medical Center, Philippine Childrens Medical Center, San Pedro Hospital, Malta Medical Center, Medical,
Mission Group of Hospitals, Davao Adventists Hospital; the following Community Pharmacies: Rose Pharmacy, Amesco Drug, HB1, Merin Pharmacy, MedXpress; and the following Manufacturing Firms: Swisspharma Research Laboratories, Diamond Laboratories, and St. Martin Laboratories.

Lastly, DAVAO DOCTORS COLLEGE has the LOWEST TUITION FEE in all Schools of Pharmacy in Mindanao averaging only at 33,000 per semester!

For Inquiries and Reservation, Call (082) 222-0850 or See Us at Davao Doctors College, General Malvar Street, Davao City.

Here at DDC Pharmacy, we Hone Excellence through Student-Centered Education.

Excellence in Education. Equity to Students. Edge in the Future.

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