Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


It is the aim of the DDC Physical Therapy Program to be a leader in Physical Therapy
education, resulting to quality service to society. The program intends to achieve this via the
following goals:
1. Develop generalist practitioners who are prepared to assume future roles of the
physical therapist as a practitioner, community-based therapist, teacher, researcher,
consultant, administrator and leader.
2. Promote academic excellence and support teaching, learning, and professional growth
of students and faculty in a caring environment.
3. Contribute to evidence-based practice through faculty and student scholarly activities.
4. Foster the development of environmental concerns and humanistic and ethical values
that embrace diversity to produce graduates who will better serve the community.
5. Employ faculty who exemplify excellence in teaching and serve as professional role
6. Continually assess, develop and improve the program.
7. Achieve program stability.
The DDC Physical Therapy graduate will:
1. Practice as generalist Physical Therapy practitioners who use critical thinking and
demonstrate excellence in the performance of general clinical skills
2. Serve as primary health care providers
3. Be a proactive educators of the students, patients, families and others
4. Engage in and utilize research findings from professional literature and clinical
5. Participate in consultative activities
6. Value and practice professionalism
7. Demonstrate cultural sensitivity through their words and actions
8. Demonstrate leadership with a commitment to personal and professional growth

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