Doctor of Optometry

A six-year program that provides clinical training for examining, diagnosing and treating impairment of the visual system.

Department Objectives

The Optometry Department aims to produce an Optometrist who has:

  1. acquired and developed the knowledge and skills essential to the practice of Optometry.
  2. developed a high level of competence needed to deliver the full spectrum of Optometric services which consist of prevention, examination, evaluation, diagnosis, management and rehabilitation of disorders, dysfunctions and diseases of the visual system, the eye and its associate structures.
  3. developed the qualities, attitudes and values essential to the delivery and promotion of eye care services to the Filipino people.
  4. developed the desire to improve Optometry by advancing knowledge, skills and values of the profession.
  5. developed professional attitudes conductive to inter-professional understanding and cooperation

Department Philosophy

The study of Doctor of Optometry affirms the mission and vision of Davao Doctors College “We Value Life” and the recognition of the Commission on Higher Education as a regulating body.

Individuals have the right to quality eye care through highly educated and well-trained primary eye care providers. The Department of Optometry provides a learning environment that nurtures support an individual to advance in his/her professional discipline. This ideal is translated into student experiences that demonstrate service to individuals by addressing each person’s specific  needs while ethically integrating therapeutic outcomes.

The faculty commit to be fully prepared to practice the science and art of the profession and provide the necessary foundation for fully assuming the role of a optometry professional which encompasses practice, pursuit of clinical expertise, commitment to academic and clinical teaching and facilitation of research.

The Department believes that any individual who aspires to be a Doctor of Optometry is endowed with a foundation of lifelong learning, committed to give eye care to varied individuals, ethically bound in the realm of practice and recognizes the importance of service in a dynamic healthcare environment.

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