PRC Inspection 2017 – First in DDC Psychology Program

Hon. Mirrian P. Cue, the president of Philippine Regulatory Board (PRB) of Psychology, with  Ms. Shenilah A. Albio, PRC Administrative Assistant, visited and inspected all Universities and Colleges that offered AB/BS Psychology in Davao City. Davao Doctors College Inc. was visited last May 11, 2017, at 11 am to 2 pm. She was welcomed by Ms. Charisma T. Salutillo (PC) and formally introduced to  Dr. Leah Villano (VP ACAD).

Dr. Cue expressed her gratefulness to the school management for waiting for them despite the changes of schedule that was set prior to their visit. It was understood and accepted by the management in the presence of the VP ACAD.

There was a non-formal conversation happened before the formal inspection. They gave their objectives and provided 3 information sheets with several questions and information to fill in, it included the name of the school, address, email address of the school, contact number, and the name of the president. The other part were questions regarding, how many registered Psychologists and Psychometricians were in the faculty, how many clients were served in the testing facility if there is a testing center for outside clients; is there any income generated and what are the services rendered. For the moment, the program has an exciting testing facility but haven’t rendered any outside clients. This will be the new challenge for the program.

The other part of the sheet asked about the technicality of the records in the program. The safety of files, manuals, guidelines and other pertinent documents. The safe keeping of the records is the responsibility of the Program Chair (Ms. Salutillo) and the testing materials were all in the Guidance Office for safety. All information needed for the inspection were provided and documented.

In addition, Ms. Salutillo presented the manuals to Dr. Cue, the Program have an existing Psychology Internal Guideline Based on the Proposed Curriculum of 2018-19, Operational Manual for BS Psychology Program, Internship Manual, Psychology Laboratory Policies and Procedures Manual, Research Manual, Review Manuals, Strategic Plan and the results of Board Exams from 2014-2016 with the percentage rank of the school.

There was a good impression coming from Dr. Cue affirming the program regarding the production of manuals, policies, and guidelines that the program initiated. As Dr. Cue stated, “so far kamo lang ang naay in.ani, maayo kaayo inyong program, han-ay”. She also requested a reproduction of front pages of each manual for documentation on their behalf.

The VP offered lunch for the guests. It formally ended with an exchange of gratitude on the part of Davao Doctors College Academic Affairs and Psychology Program.

There was a meet and greet of the President with Dr. Cue and the PRC Administrative  Assistant. An hour spent in chit chats and proposed plans were offered to both of them. Dr. Cue had lots of proposals for the school to take action especially in the rising social concern about Drug Addiction. She said, “you are in a good position to open a testing center, where you have the hospital as the poll of clients, those who have general conditions like cancer and other illness that need psychological attention” it will be a revenue for the program. Mr. Soledad, agreed to that.

The whole meeting was full of inputs coming from the Board President, Dr. Cue. It was not technically an inspection that happened but a good relationship built from them to DDC. Mr. Soledad encouraged Dr. Cue to come back to conduct a seminar for the faculty regarding the management of faculty towards the students which was accepted with great honor for Dr. Cue to be back and take part what she can contribute to the school.

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