THE PSYCHOLOGY OF LOVE: Understanding What Love is Not

Despite the pandemic, love is continuously shared and given in the DDC Psychology
Program. Last February 26, 2022, the Alliance of Psychology Students (AllPsychS) held a
webinar via Zoom with the theme about “Psychology of Love: Understanding What Love is
Not”. Its primary objectives were to develop a sense of connection among students, to know
what is the Psychology behind love, and to educate the young people about the difference
between what love is and what love is not. The said webinar was not only exclusive to the
members of the psychology program but it was also opened to everyone who was willing to learn

and participate. Over a hundred of participants participated in the webinar coming from twenty-
three (23) participating institutions all over the country. The interesting topic was delivered by

the prolific resource speaker, Ms. Kathlynn Keith J. Abaquita, RPm, MAGC, MPsych.

“Love is not always about you. Love is not enough and love is not all positive emotions.”
One of the highlights of the event was the webinar proper itself where the resource speaker did
an interactive discussion about a topic which almost everyone can relate. Everyone was able to
participate, share their experiences, and speak their minds. Despite doing it online, the event was
deemed successful and fruitful since the participants were able to engage themselves on the
activities provided by the speaker and by the AllPsychS officers. Another highlight of the event

was the icebreaker, Psychology of Love edition, and of course the serenade given by the ever-
talented members of the Alliance of Psychology Students. Amidst the pandemic, nothing can
really stop the AllPsychS from celebrating love. Love truly conquers all.


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