Bachelor of Science in Biology

Biology encompasses all aspects of microbial, plant, and animal life. It includes the biochemistry, genetics, development, physiology, evolution, and ecology of all living things. Every educated person must have sound knowledge of the fundamental principles and facts of the biological sciences in order to understand himself or herself and the world in which she or he lives. In addition, biologists, through their research, contribute to the development of theories and methods required for the solution of humanity’s problems in the fields of health, agriculture, industry, and the preservation of the environment.

Biology is an interesting field because it is connected with scientific endeavors that are having profound impact in the world today. It employs new understandings of the new genome and expanding approaches to combating diseases. This field is an ideal way of preparing work that involves dealing with cutting-edge scientific issues.

A lot of hands-on activities are being done. It further develops attitude to prepare students to function as creative scientific thinkers, a skill that will carry them to careers in research, teaching, medicine or biotechnology industries.

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